2021 Spring Flower Limited Edition Noragi Kimono Collection

April 26, 2021 1 Comment

2021 Spring Flower Limited Edition Noragi Kimono Collection

It has been a while since the blog feature on my website has been used and I realized I just haven't touched it at all since the start.  I actually quite enjoy writing on Instagram and figure that writing on here more regularly would be fun.

Allow me the opportunity to dive deeper to talk more about each collection or specific item, interesting topics and future projects.  To start things off, I will talk about our recent 2021 Spring limited edition noragi kimono collection.

In the past, we first started our limited edition for the ninja pants design and the theme has always been colorful flowers design pattern.  These interesting flower patterned fabric was gathered during our trips to Japan and Thailand each year (before covid). The flower print fabrics used here are from Thailand a few years ago.  The fabric is a soft polyester and has a very nice feel to it.  The nice thing about our noragi is that it is a neutral design, in which both male and woman could wear them.  It is always nice to have more options and uniqueness in the wardrobe I believe.  There are four designs in this Spring collection.

1.) Blue Rose - mysterious & faithful

Blue Rose Limited Edition Noragi 


 2.) Rose Garden - beautiful & romantic

Rose Garden Limited Edition Noragi Kimono


3.) Spring Flower - happy & joyful 

Spring Flower Limited Edition Noragi Kimono


4.) Peony Garden - Classy & Sassy

Peony Garden Limited Edition Noragi Kimono


Which is your favorite?  What are your thoughts on more floral and colorful print fabrics like these for both men and women?  Comment below.

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Twizzie Ramos
Twizzie Ramos

April 30, 2021

The rode garden one for the spring!

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