Yamabuki Japanese Kerria Noragi 1of2 LE

New Kawaii Limited Edition Collection of 2023.

This year we added new designs to our limited edition collection.  Introducing to our Kawaii Collection, we made this new Yamabuki Japanese Kerria Noragi.

Yamabuki is an elegant flower from Japan that blooms during the Spring time.  The bright yellow petals represent beauty & people's love in Japanese culture for many centuries.  This deep connection with the culture can be seen dating back to the oldest Japanese poem "Manyoshu".  In Manyoshu, "Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves", the poems used the wonderful moment of seasonal change as metaphors.

Japanese traditional culture believes in the concept of beauty based on the perspective of imperfection, "Wabisabi".    

Nothing is perfect and every moment has its own beauty.


FEATURE: Handmade Ethically, Comfortable to Wear & Stylish.

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton

SIZE: One size fits Most


Collar to bottom: 33"
Width Shoulder to Shoulder: 25"
Width across back under arms: 25"

COLOUR: see picture

GENDER: Unisex M/F

Handwash gently with cold to warm water and then hang in the shadow to dry. If it is not too dirty, you can clean it just with water. Use a mild detergent if needed.  Clean only when necessary.

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