Vintage Mino Straw Cape, Japanese Farmer Raincoat, Northern Aizu Boro, Rural Countryside Japan

Vintage Mino straw cape from mid-century Japan.

A Traditional raincoat made out of straw.  Rice straw & other bast fibers have natural water-resistant properties & help with repellent rain droplets.  When the rain droplets hit the surface of the straw cape, the water tends to flow along the length of the fibers above and helps keep the underneath staying dry.  Peasants would often wear this while working in the rain out in the field.  It is light in weight and could also be used as camouflage in certain terrain.  

This particular straw cape was beautifully woven along the backside.  The bast fibers used here seem to be perhaps some type of rice straw.  It was handmade by the Northern people of Aizu.  It is in fairly good condition but please understand since it is an old item, there could be some imperfections.  Due to its nature, the dry straw tends to shed a little bit during transport and handling.  

A wonderful handmade piece of old folk garment symbolizing the country life in old rural Japan.  

Approx measurements:

L 106cm W 46cm

A note for antique & vintage items from Japan, because it is from long ago, there could be flaws that might not be visible in the pictures, such as scratches, stains, fabric rips, loose thread, small holes, and incompletion, etc.  Please purchase with understanding and acceptance of the imperfection. if you have any questions, please ask.  I do not accept claims due to this reason.