Sakura Koi Tattsuke Bakama Pants

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SIZING: Free Size,

Length 101cm waist to bottom hem before blouse out.

Roughly 41cm around at calf, snug fit.

Roughly 48 inches at the hip.

Using a traditional hakama design pattern, we recreated the Tattsuke Bakama Pants with our linen, cotton, and oriental printed fabric. Traditionally Tattsuke Bakama were worn by the samurai class warrior during the Sengoku to Edo Period in Japan. It is identical to conventional hakama pants except for one special thing. The legs opening are tapered in and tied tightly around the calves. The design allows the fabric to blouse out above mid-calf, which provides a comfortable fit and is convenient with movement mobility. It was popular for those going on a pilgrim's journey to a sacred place or long-distance traveling.

These classic Japanese trousers will be great for martial art training and samurai & Yasuke cosplay.

Handwash or machine wash gently with cold to warm water. Clean with a mild detergent and then hang in the shadow to dry. If it is not too dirty, you can clean it just with water. Clean only when necessary.

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