Retro kakishibu Persimmon Tannin Dyed Demonslayer Comfy Pants

FEATURE: Retro Kakishiu Persimmon Tannin Dyed Demonslayer Comfy Pants.

"Kakishibu" is a traditional Japanese dye/paint of deep amber color which comes from unripe persimmons that have been fermented and aged for more than 2 years. Recently, Kakishibu has been recognized as a great alternative to synthetic colors by more people interested in nature and wellness because it has many natural, beneficial properties, such as deterring insects and having an anti-mold effect for wood and cloth.

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton



Waist 26"-36" elastic waist

Length: 35"


COLOUR: see picture
GENDER: Unisex M/F

-Hand-wash gentle with cold to warm water & mild detergent, and then hang in the shadow to dry. If it is not too dirty, you can clean just with water. Clean only when necessary.