Meiji Era 1900s Japanese Antique Phoenix Tsutsugaki

Dimensions: Length: 56 Inches; Width: 63 Inches

FEATURE: Japanese Antique Tsutsugaki Indigo Textile Futon Cover or for Home Decoration 

AGE: Meiji Era (1868-1912)

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton, all natural dyes, Japanese Antique Textile

CONDITION: GREAT CONDITION, Ready to be displayed on the wall or use for cover.

DETAILS: Japanese Tsutsugaki is a technique of resist dying that involves drawing rice-paste design onto fabric, dying it and then washing off the paste. Natural indigo dyed were used. This rare design of Paulownia Tree Leafs & Japanese Phoenix represents wisdom & energy. The story in Buddhist says that when a Buddha was deep in meditation, the Phoenix would appear to bless upon him and spread its wings to protect the Buddha from evil spirits during the meditation period.

SIZE: 56inches x 63inches roughly

COLOUR: see picture (indigo dyed)

*Ready to be ship with full insurance & protection.

Category: tsutsugaki, wallart