Rare 1930s Indigo Blue Antique Fireman Jacket

FEATURE: Early Taisho Period Japanese Indigo Fireman Jacket, Unisex, Comfortable to Wear & Stylish.

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton, Sashiko Stitch.

CONDITION: Moderate used and washed.  Colour nicely faded, there are some small holes, rip & loose thread.  See pictures for details.


Cuff to cuff 47.5"
Back across 23"
Back down Length 32.5"
Armpit to armpit 23"
Arm width 11"

COLOUR: see picture
GENDER: Unisex M/F

-Handwash gentle with cold to warm water, use mild detergent if needed.  Hang to dry in the shadow.  Wash separately.