Pre 1950 Vintage Boro Indigo Yamagata Festival Hanten

FEATURE:  Pre 1950 Vintage Boro Indigo Yamagata Festival Hanten

Approximant year was made: Pre 1950

Worn at the festival in Sakata City in Yamagata Pref.  It has 6 "tome-mon", triskelions in the back as well as in the front.  It is made of hand spun cotton and has beautiful lining with katazome (stencil-dyeing) which is alson hand-spun cotton.  Heavily used and has a reinforement patch on the right shoulder for carrying a portable shrine (mikoshi).  Also it has several sparkled stains in the lower back.  


MATERIAL: 100% Cotton, vintage

CONDITION:  Moderate used and washed. Not Fragile. 

128cm x 96cm

COLOUR: see picture
GENDER: Unisex M/F

Please be aware the difference in color is caused by your display settings, so the color in the photos and description is a guide only.

-Hand-wash separately by itself & gently with cold to warm water & mild detergent if needed, and then hang in the shadow to dry. If it is not too dirty, you can clean just with water. Clean only when necessary.

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