Natural Dyed Indigo Kimono Noragi Hanten 1of1

FEATURE: Handmade Ethically, Unisex, Comfortable to Wear & Stylish. one-of-a-kind

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton, Handmade, Natural Dyed Indigo 

SIZE: Large/XL

COLOUR: Natural Dyed Indigo

GENDER: Unisex M/F

This beautiful Natural Dyed Indigo Noragi is handwoven and dyed with natural ingredients (Limestone powder, tree bark, natural sugar, tamarind & natural indigo dye).  The time to make one of this jacket takes about two weeks, not including the growing of the indigo plant.  The whole process of making this Noragi is eco-friendly with natural materials and no chemical used.  It is one-of-a-kind.


-Handwash gentle with cold to warm water, use mild detergent only if needed.  Hang to dry in the shadow.  Wash separately.