1930-1950s 水田村 Mizuta Village Indigo Boro Hikeshi Fireman Jacket

FEATURE: 1930-1950s Vintage Fireman's Hanten Jacket, Unisex, Comfortable to Wear & Stylish.

On October 1, 1953, along with Kamimizuda village and Nakatsui Village, Mizuda Village was abolished on the same day.  The three village merged together into Kitabo Town.

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton

CONDITION: Moderate used and washed. Regular vintage condition.

Approx SIZE:

Back down length 33" inches
Armpit to armpit 24" inches

COLOUR: see picture
GENDER: Unisex M/F

-Hand-wash gentle with cold to warm water & mild detergent, and then hang in the shadow to dry. If it is not too dirty, you can clean just with water. Clean only when necessary.

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