1950s Vintage Japanese Fireman Kimono Jacket Thick Sashiko Cotton #2

FEATURE: Post-1950 Vintage Fireman's Hanten Jacket, Unisex, Comfortable to Wear & Stylish.

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton

CONDITION: Moderate used and washed. Not Fragile. Thick sashiko cotton jacket.


Cuff to cuff 52"
Back across 26"
Back down 30 3/4"
Armpit to armpit 24 1/4"

COLOUR: see picture
GENDER: Unisex M/F

-Hand-wash gentle with cold to warm water & mild detergent, and then hang in the shadow to dry. If it is not too dirty, you can clean just with water. Clean only when necessary. If it is indigo (blue) fabric, wash separately by itself. All black fabric can clean with other dark clothing.